Recap The Young & The Restless: Monday, November 15, 2010

Sharon is caught off guard by Nick’s proposal. Nick gives Sharon her engagement ring from high school and promises her that this is not a whim, this is forever. Sharon declares she will marry Nick. Nick tries to break the news gently to Phyllis that he and Sharon are getting re-married. Sharon tries to find a way to inform Adam about her engagement without hurting him, but then he notices the ring. Phyllis holds it together in front of Nick, but when Jack walks in Phyllis’s façade crumbles. Daniel informs Phyllis that today would be his anniversary with Amber. On Abby’s birthday, Victoria and Jack inform her that the judge has ruled that Victor has to turn over all his accounting records. Abby informs Victoria that she doesn’t want to lose Victor and she just wants out of the lawsuit. Victor is stunned when Jack outright admits that he was behind the lawsuit. Victoria asks Victor to reach out to Abby on her birthday, but Victor refuses.Abby is thrilled when Tucker buys her horse back. Daniel informs Abby that he is not upset with her for breaking things off because he isn’t sure if anyone can make any commitments work. Victoria pushes Victor to reach out to Abby. Later, Victor shows up to see Abby and asks her about her horse. Victor turns to leave when he learns Tucker bought it back and Victoria tries to stop him.


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