Recap The Young & The Restless: Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A crowd gathers to hear the results of Daisy’s paternity test. Everyone is stunned when the results prove that Daniel is the father. Daisy pleads with Phyllis and Daniel to help her, but Daniel loses his cool and takes off. Jack tries to help Daniel accept that this little girl could change his life. 

Phyllis tries to get Lauren to change her position on Daisy being in jail. Phyllis promises to keep track of Daisy and Lauren wonders if that means she will let Daisy live with her. Meanwhile, Kevin makes the decision that if Daniel can’t step up for this little girl than Kevin will raise her. Kevin asks Michael what he has to do to become the baby’s legal guardian. Daniel informs Daisy they are giving the baby up for adoption. 

While Ronan and Heather are talking Ronan drops his coffee inadvertently and Heather wonders if he is okay. Ronan and Heather are caught off guard when Nina wonders if there is something going on between them. 

Murphy informs Kay that while his son was on life-support, Meggie decided to unplug him against his wishes. Murphy explains to her that this is the reason he wouldn’t want someone to end his life if he was ever on a ventilator. 

Ronan and Heather stop by to inform Murphy that Meggie is being extradited to Alaska to stand trial. As Ronan and Heather are leaving, Ronan drops a prescription bottle out of his pocket and Heather has a chance to see it before Ronan snatches it back. Alone, Heather does research on Ronan’s prescription. Heather confronts Ronan about his medication.


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