Recap The Young & The Restless: Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ronan is purposefully a jerk to Heather to get her to back off. Heather runs into Victor and learns that his financial records were seized. Heather runs into Ronan at Gloworm and sees him nearly collapse. She demands to know what is wrong with him when it becomes clear that he lied to her earlier. Ronan refuses to let her help him and informs her to forget she ever saw anything. Victor suggests Michael hire Heather to help with his workload, but not to let her know it was his idea. Jack advises Phyllis to call Vance Abrams for help about what to do about the baby. Kevin is furious when he thinks that Lauren and Michael don’t think he can handle raising a child because of his background. Phyllis and Jack meet with Vance to find out what they need to do get Daisy out of jail until the baby is born. Phyllis offers to let Daisy live with her. Jana informs Daisy she plans to take the stand and make sure Daisy goes away for a long time. Jana stops by to lend Lauren her support and Lauren is grateful. Kevin is not thrilled to know that Daniel is thinking about adoption. Daniel is furious when Phyllis informs him she met with Vance about getting Daisy released until the baby is born. Lauren informs Jana about Kevin’s plans for the baby. Phyllis informs Jack that she wants to help her granddaughter, but she doesn’t want to lose Daniel in the process.


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