Recap The Young & The Restless: Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cane tries to prepare Blake to meet with Tucker and Sofia. Neil is surprised to hear that Blake is working with Cane on the new bio-fuel project. Sofia and Tucker are surprised to learn that Cane and Blake are old friends. Cane can barely breathe when he and Blake leave with Tucker’s seal of approval. Lily asks Cane to invite Blake to Thanksgiving, but Cane says he would rather it be just family. Meanwhile, Neil suggests to Sofia that she run a background check on Blake to easy everyone’s mind. Nick and Sharon discuss how to inform everyone about their engagement. Sharon takes off her ring to prevent people from finding out the way Adam did, but promises that when she puts it back on it will be forever. At an investor meeting, Victor shows up with Justin Hightower to confront Adam. Justin gives Adam back the money. Victor offers to fly Justin to Florida for Christmas and Justin happily accepts. Nick is going over his finances at the office and he notices a check stub to N.A. Partnership that he didn’t write. He realizes that it is address to Jack’s house. Sharon runs into Adam as she is leaving the bookstore and she sees that he is upset. He notices that she isn’t wearing her engagement ring anymore.


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