Recap The Young & The Restless: Friday, November 19, 2010

Nina invites Ronan to join her and the family for Thanksgiving, but he declines. Nina tries to change Ronan’s mind about spending Thanksgiving with her to no avail. Heather is stunned when Michael offers her a job. 

Heather happily accepts Michael’s job offer. As she is leaving runs into Ronan and tries to convince him to spend Thanksgiving with Nina. Heather says if he doesn’t go she inform Nina that he is sick. 

When Victor refuses to inform Nick what his partnership with Jack is about. When Nick threatens him, Victor reveals to Nick that he is using his money and Jack’s to invest in Adam’s fund. Victor informs Nick his plan is to destroy Adam by taking everything. 

Diane is stunned when the club manager informs her that her bill has been paid through the end of the year. Diane confronts Jack about paying her bill and he offers to help her until she finds work. Jack invites Diane to join him and Kyle for Thanksgiving. 

Jack informs Phyllis that they can’t spend Thanksgiving together since he will be with Kyle. Jack informs Phyllis that they should consider their break over and Phyllis is more than happy to agree. Phyllis and Jack run into Diane and Phyllis isn’t thrilled to realize that Diane will be spending Thanksgiving with Jack. 

Sharon explains why she removed her ring. Adam is skeptical and suggests she take time to figure out if she really wants to marry Nick again. Nick informs Phyllis that he and Sharon plan to announce to their engagement at Thanksgiving. Later, Nick is stunned when Sharon informs him that she wants to go away for Thanksgiving, alone.


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