Recap The Young & The Restless: Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Everyone gathers at the Chancellor Estate, and Jill feels left out until Kay asks her to stay. Blake drops in on the Winters’s family Thanksgiving to thank Lily, and she asks him to stay. Blake senses resistance from Malcolm. During dinner Cane enters the room and stops at the sight of Blake. Unaware that Heather has blackmailed Ronan into being at the Chancellor’s, Chloe is bothered by the connection between Heather and Ronan. Kay assures Nina that he came because he wants to have a relationship with her but Heather thinks differently. As Neil and Sofia are having a gravy cook off they notice a spark between them. Malcolm pulls Neil aside to discuss Blake. Blake gives thanks to the family, and declares he isn’t going anywhere. Abby decides to reach out to Victor on Thanksgiving. He wants the two of them to make peace. As Jack tries to salvage what is left of the Newman Fund, he is furious at Tucker when he outs him to Ashley about teaming up with Victor. Ashley is sympathetic to Jack’s situation. Victor argues to Abby that Victoria, Jack and Vance are the ones turning Abby against him. He reminds Abby that she can have the settlement he offered at any time. Just as Abby is beginning to believe she can trust Victor, Ashley informs her about what Victor did to Jack. She calls Victor and notifies him that she will see him in court. Jack stops by Skye’s hotel room but discovers it has been trashed and Skye is missing. He instructs the maid to call the police. Ronan reaches out to Chloe, who is still very angry and hurt by him, but he then gets called into work. Kevin confronts Chloe about her feelings for Ronan and tries to caution her. Kay overhears this and informs Kevin that he is falling for Chloe, but Kevin denies it. Victor shows up at Skye’s room and Ronan reports they’ve found blood.


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