Recap The Bold and The Beautiful: Friday, December 3, 2010

Bill and Justin investigate Liam’s limousine situation and they discover important information from the limousine company. Amber continues to persuade Hope that Liam is just like his father and she should not give up on Oliver. Liam visits Oliver at home and demands he stop making moves on Hope. Oliver reminds Liam that he works with Hope, and the two argue over the Hope/Oliver kiss. The argument escalates and each man is convinced he is the right one for Hope. Amber arrives but Oliver waves her away. She sees Liam and hides on the patio. Ridge and Brooke ask Hope what’s bothering her, and she admits that it is Oliver and Liam. They advise her to always put herself first when it comes to Liam and to make her intentions clear with Oliver. Hope explains that she is torn between the two of them. They are interrupted by a call from Liam who informs Hope he wants to see her tonight, and that he has made special plans.­


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