'The Office' season finale: So who's the boss?


It would have been nice not to know who the people at "The Office" are angling to hire for next season. It became a bit of a distraction when that person was on screen. Here's hoping you didn't have that issue (which we'll talk about in a minute), because "Search Committee" was really a pretty strong episode. What the finale managed to do was focus on the people who already work at Dunder Mifflin despite the parade of high-profile guests interviewing for the job. Showrunner/Toby Paul Lieberstein wrote the episode, and he managed to have his guest-star cake without sacrificing the idea that everyone else is heavily invested in the outcome too. Nice trick, that.So, OK, about the reported frontrunner for the (acting) job: The Hollywood Reporter says Catherine Tate is a favorite among the show's producers. She's a wonderfully funny actress, and I wouldn't mind at all seeing her in the part. What was...



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