Why 'Parks and Recreation' Is One of TV's Top Shows (& Some Season Finale Questions)

This is not information that calls for a spoiler alert, but seven months from now, I'm sure 'Parks and Recreation' will be on my Top 10 Shows of 2011 list.

The show has not only increased its breadth in enormously pleasing ways -- Pawnee is now populated by the most hilarious cast of secondary and tertiary characters on television -- but it also skillfully gave depth to all its core characters, especially Leslie Knope. If you haven't thrilled to the warmth and sweetness Amy Poehler gave Leslie over the last few months then, damn it, you're not human.

But it's because Leslie's emotional life has become so real and believable that I have one or two misgivings about where the show has taken her and where it may be headed next season. Read More...



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