'Bones' finale: Talk about it!

Watching tonight’s episode ofBones was like waiting for the last wobbly bowling pin to tip over. And based on the outcome, we were either going to be happy — or very pissed. So which are you?[SPOILER ALERT]

I think in the back of our heads we knew that Booth and Brennan had sex in last week’s episode. I mean, why all the buildup if they didn’t do the deed, right? And while we spent the entire episode waiting for confirmation of what we already felt in our bones (Pun!), I don’t think anyone could have predicted that the huge final twist was that Bones was pregnant.

I completely expect reactions to this news to be mixed. After all, it feels like we pressed fast-forward through the best part of a growing relationship — and, in this case, a relationship we’ve been watching grow for six years. I think I’d feel a little cheated…if it weren’t for that final frame. Read More...



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