Top Moments: Good Wife's Great Timing, Bones' Baby Boom and Castle's Confession

Our top moments of the week:

16. Scratching Our Heads Award: We know we wouldn't be perfect on live television ourselves, but we're pretty sure we wouldn't flub something as simple as a coin toss. During Dancing with the Stars' Winner Takes All Cha-Cha, Brooke Burketells top scorer Hines Ward to call the toss to decide the performance order. "Tails," he says. It's heads (or more specifically, Len's head), which means Chelsea Kane gets dibs, right? Not in Brooke's world! She tells Hines to choose, which he — completely mystified — does, before an awkward silence befalls the celeb-quarium and Brooke realizes her blunder. All we can say is: She would never host Million Dollar Heads or Tails.

15. Best Win for the Bad Guys: After his three first tries — including his time on the villains team for "Heroes vs. Villains" — "Boston Rob" Mariano will never be considered a good guy on Survivor.But after an entire season of manipulating and controlling his teammates, Rob was definitely the right guy to win on Redemption Island and he takes the $1 million prize after 10 years and four different games. Who wants to start placing bets on when he'll be back for win No. 2?

14. Welcome Back Award: What table flip? It only took two years, but The Real Housewives of New Jersey easily tops the infamous Season 1 dinner fight with a huge family brawl betweenTeresa's husband and her brother — at a baptism party nonetheless. We would say we missed these Jersey girls, but it turns out we had no idea what we were missing. Read More...


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