'Bones' Season 6, Episode 23 (Season Finale) Recap

After the tragedy of last week's 'Bones,' we were presented with a light and fluffy episode to round out the sixth season. Well, as light and fluffy as someone being crushed by a bowling pin resetting machine can be. Of course, being 'Bones,' the whole thing was treated with humor.

We also closed the season-long story line of Angela and Hodgins' new baby, welcomed Squintern Wendell back for another run, and said hello to a wheelchair-bound Max Keenan, who knew the murder victim. Oh, there was also this tiny, unimportant little thing at the very end of the episode that probably made long-time viewers of the show jump and scream for joy.

Big Spoiler Warning: Do not read ahead if you haven't watched this week's episode. You'll be angry if you do. Read More...



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