'The Office' season finale recap: Who's the boss?

Paul Lieberstein -- Office executive producer, "Search Committee" writer, and Toby Flenderson extraordinaire -- must love Kevin Smith... because tonight's season finale felt like a major cop out. Ever since Steve Carell announced that Season 7 of The Office would be his last, fans have been speculating and debating about who would and should replace him as Dunder Mifflin's manager. Everyone figured that we'd finally learn which character would be stepping into Michael Scott's formidable shoes during the series' hour-long season-ender. Alas, that wasn't actually the case -- when the credits finally rolled Thursday evening, we weren't any closer to knowing the identity of the new boss than we had been a few months ago.

The decision to turn the search for a new boss into a cliffhanger would have made more sense if Carell's exit from the show had come as a surprise. But come on, Office staffers -- he told you he was leaving almost a year ago! In all that time, you couldn't come up with a better way to wrap up story than, "Oh, I don't know, let's just figure it out in the fall"? Seriously, guys? Right now, I'm certainly not left satisfied and smiling. Read More...



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