'The Office': Who should be the new manager?


"The Office" ended its season Thursday night with a big question purposely unanswered: Who's going to be the new branch manager when the show picks up again in the fall?The show welcomed a long list of guest stars playing potential candidates for the job, ranging from Will Arnett to James Spader, and also had a couple current cast members interviewing for the position. We want to hear your opinions in the poll below, but first let's run down the candidates.For starters, we know that Ray Romano, Arnett and Warren Buffett won't be joining the show. Romano and Arnett are both committed to shows of their own ("Men of a Certain Age" and NBC's new "Up All Night"), and Buffett is A) not an actor and B) probably wouldn't want to take the pay cut. We can probably also rule out Jim Carrey (although we really liked the reveal that he was the guy who needed...



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