THE MENTALIST “Strawberries and Cream Parts 1 and 2? Season 3 Finale Review

THE MENTALIST "Strawberries and Cream Parts 1 and 2? Season 3 Finale – Unlike last night’s episode of Bones, I knew from get go that this 2-hour finale was going in some heavy places. So the fact that most of the first hour seemed like just a regular, everyday sort of case, I was not fooled. In fact I was so sure of it that I kept waiting for something bad to happen, so that Jane would know something had gone very wrong.

I guess that happened when he found Lisbon unconscious with a bomb strapped to her chest. Yep, that was a definite sign that things had changed. Even then, when that was all over, I figured they weregoing to move on to another case. But no, the original case led them directly back to LaRoche, Hightower, Red John, and Red John’s unknown friend in the CBI. Read More...


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