THE OFFICE “Search Committee” (Season Finale) Review

THE OFFICE "Search Committee" Season 7 Episode 25 – Well, I figured this wold come with the exit of Steve Carell, but I didn’t think it would come this soon. The season finale of the THE OFFICE fell so flat this week that it took some serious will power for me to get through until the end.

I know that my reviews of The Office haven’t always been shining this season, but for a finaleepisode? I was not imporesed. It seemed to me (and please tell me if I’m wrong in my thinking) that "Seach Committee" was just a way for NBC to get in some cameos.

We all knew that The Office finale was going to be a hunt for Michael’s replacement, but it seemed like a hodgepodge of comedians attempting to be funny, but not really hitting the mark… instead of anysort of story movement for The Office.

From Will Arnett, Ray Romano, James Spader, and (briefly) Jim Carrey, the search for Dunder Mifflin’s next Regional Manager was just a MESS. The majority of the search wasn’t even funny. In fact, I dare say that the scenes that DIDN’T involve a celebrity guest star were the funniest parts. Read More...


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