PRIVATE PRACTICE “To Change the Things I Can” (Season Finale) Review

PRIVATE PRACTICE "To Change the Things I Can" Season 4, Episode 23 (Season Finale) – Naturally, because it was the season finale, a lot of things happened this episode. Rather than start with the big, jaw dropping very last moment, I have to start with the thing (and person) that bothers me most. Violet. What on earth are the writers doing to this character? They have made her a complete and utter mess. Neurotic through and through and almost scatterbrained and without feeling. I get it. She went through a horrific ordeal. That accounts for why she left Lucas and Pete the first time. But hasn’t she moved past that? Yes, now she is under investigation as is the practice, but again it is part her doing because of her book. Now she uses that as a weak reason to leave again. I know it is supposedly only for a few weeks, but she is leaving her child and it is against Pete’s wishes. Is she so blind she could not see what that was doing to him? He looked awful. As for the last scene, maybe his heart attack was a long time coming and then with the added stress of the procedure that did not go well on that little girl, that was the day. However, it is going to be hard for me to believe that Violet’s conduct did not play a large part as well.

Let’s talk about that little girl for a moment. I love how the doctors try every avenue to help their patients, but isn’t part of their deal to do what is best for the patient? I feel as if they lost sight of that in that case. At first, two additional years of life sounds like it is in her best interest, but then you look at the toll it is taking on her parents and even her and you wonder if she shouldn’t just be able to live her life out as it is. All she wanted was to go home to her own bed. Now she is practically comatose and it is to the point that the father is asking Cooper to help euthanize her. What a disaster. Read More...


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