BONES “The Change in the Game”(Season Finale) Review

BONES "The Change in the Game" Season 6 Episode 23 (Season Finale) – First up, big oops on my part for somehow getting confused and thinking that last week’s episode was the finale. Don’t know how I messed that one up, but I did. So now let me talk about the real finale.

As I watched this ep, I kept thinking that last week’s episode certainly felt more like a finale than this one. Other than Angela and Hodgins’ baby being born, it was coming off like just your regular episode of Bones. Whereas last week’s episode, with the death of Vincent and Booth’s hunt for Broadsky, had me in tears and gasping, I kept thinking how odd it was that this one was just mostly cute and funny. Bones’ dad comes back; she and Booth dress up in silly costumes and spend the entire episode under cover. What was up with that? I wondered. Read More...


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