Cougar Town 2.20 "Free Fallin'" Review

abcCougar Town is most certainly a goofy, sometimes weird comedy. I usually enjoy those zany parts of the series, but I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes Town goes a little too far into the broad humor that reminds me of some of the lesser episodes of Scrubs. I mean those really bad episodes of Scrubs were often insufferable and Cougar Town never goes that far, but the last few weeks, I have gotten that vibe from certain stories here. I don’t really think it is part of some larger, troubling trend, but last weeks’ stupid Grayson story was followed up by a fairly goofy story about weird kids in the neighborhood who draw evil things with their sidewalk chalk.

Listen, I’m all for a series embracing its goofiness and its zaniness, but these two stories feel a bit much, at least to me personally. I saw a few people on Twitter talking about how hilarious the sidewalk children were, and you know what, good for them. Comedy is so subjective and everyone likes completely different things. I cannot bring myself to say that "Free Fallin’" sucks because I didn’t like most of the sidewalk children stuff. It was simply a story that didn’t really hit my comedic funny bone in the way that Cougar Town usually does. I will say that I liked how the episode used the sidewalk children as a way to give Tom more to do and more of reason to be part of the group. He’s a fun character, and I’m glad to see that the series is interesting in making him more than a straight-up creeper who just hangs around the windows. He most certainly is those things, but it was nice to see that there’s a real reason for it: his dead wife was the social one. So even though I didn’t like the story, that final moment really got me. Read More...


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