Recap Days of Our Lives: 01/03/2011

EJ gives Nicole the final ultimatum - Brady or Sydney. Nicole breaks up with Brady, who is angry and bitter. Nicole is destroyed over her decision. Meanwhile, Rafe comforts Sami over a New Year's Eve without her children. Kayla calls her about Caroline's stroke. Sami visits Caroline and gets inspired not to give up. Sami and Rafe decide to attend a fireworks celebration at the pier. Meanwhile, Nicole returns to EJ with news that she broke up with Brady, and he decides to celebrate. At the pier, Sami and Rafe are having a good time until EJ and Nicole show up. The couples get into it a bit, and EJ announces he and Nicole are remarrying. Fuming, Sami is able to contain herself and with Rafe's help, enjoys the coming of the New Year.

Daniel tells Melanie they can't take Parker from Chloe and Philip because it's not what's best for him. At the same time, Chloe reluctantly lets Philip hold his son, but she still believes Daniel will come back to her. At the Kiriakis mansion, Melanie walks out on Philip. Kate arrives and wonders what's going on, and Philip explains all. Kate's appalled Chloe's the mother of her newly acquired grandson, but vows to love him just the same as she comforts a devastated Philip. Chloe fantasizes about Daniel coming back to her and remembers last New Year's with him. Daniel recalls the memory as well.  Read More...


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