Recap Days of Our Lives: 01/06/2011

Johnny runs away from home and finds Rafe at the police station. Rafe contacts Sami, who shows up and has a moment with her son. Meanwhile, EJ and Stefano have their men search the grounds. EJ is furious with Stefano and Nicole. Rafe finally calls EJ, telling him Johnny's whereabouts. EJ picks up his son and after getting into it with Sami and Rafe, he takes Johnny home. Sami tells Rafe that Johnny doesn't want Nicole to be his mother, and he's going to get what he wants.

Nathan tells Stephanie he heard the truth about Parker, but Stephanie stays mum when he wonders why Caroline would switch the results. Nathan is called away as Kayla returns, who explains to Stephanie that her name was kept out of the reveal. Stephanie and Kayla visit Caroline, whose blood pressure rises when she sees Kayla. Nathan comes in and after Caroline settles down, Nathan wonders what made Caroline upset. Kayla covers and refrains from telling Nathan about Stephanie's role in keeping the paternity secret. Meanwhile, Maggie blasts Philip for all the trouble and pain he's caused and he takes it like a man. Melanie arrives and talks to Philip about his plans for Parker. Later, Nathan is shocked to learn from Stephanie that Philip cheated on Melanie and is Parker's father. He shows up at Melanie's door. Kayla tells Stephanie she can't promise no one else will tell Nathan the truth, and later, Stephanie finds herself face to face with Philip. Read More...


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