Recap Days of Our Lives: 01/10/2011

Nathan confronts Stephanie about the lies she told regarding Parker's paternity and how she wanted to change the results. Emotional, Stephanie finally admits what she has done and begs Nathan for forgiveness, but Nathan walks out on her. At the same time, Melanie urges Daniel toward a course of action of getting a divorce lawyer. Daniel tells her to slow down because Chloe is moving out as they speak. At Daniel's apartment, Chloe remains in denial that she's lost Daniel, and faces the wrath of Carly. Later, Carly begs for forgiveness from Daniel, but he has none. Kayla confronts Carly in front of Daniel, and informs her that a hearing's been set for Carly to face the hospital board. Meanwhile, Melanie confronts Chloe and tears her apart, getting sick in the process. Chloe wonders if Melanie is getting sick because she's pregnant.

Kate explains to Victor what she and Brady did to Vivian. Victor is impressed and Kate brings up their next challenge â€" eliminate Chloe from Parker's life. Meanwhile, Vivian and Gus have a falling out on the island, but reconcile. Vivian vows revenge on the others. Read More...


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