Recap Days of Our Lives: 01/11/2011

Sami and Rafe take Caroline to Stephanie where she will be on house arrest until her case is decided. Alone with Rafe, Sami confesses she might end up in prison as well, unable to stay away from Johnny and Sydney. She wishes something would happen that would allow her to see her kids again. Meanwhile, Nicole sees something in Johnny's eye and convinces EJ to take him to Dr. Kim. After examining Johnny, Dr. Kim says it looks like the cancer may have spread to Johnny's other eye.

Stefano tells Lexie and EJ about Chad being his son. Not supportive, EJ advises Stefano to leave him alone. But Stefano makes another attempt at bringing Chad into the fold. Chad rebuffs him. Stefano receives a mysterious call.

Melanie tells Chloe she's not pregnant. Chloe isn't sure she believes her, but Daniel arrives with a mover before Chloe can say more. Parker starts to cry which Chloe hopes will change Daniel's mind about booting them out, but Daniel starts to leave Carly's for hearing. Chloe stops him and there's still a physical connection between them. Daniel pushes past it, and leaves. Alone, Chloe has a plan to get Daniel back. Read More...


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