Recap Days of Our Lives: 01/12/2010

Sami and Rafe enjoy time with Allie, but Sami keenly misses her other children. At the hospital, Dr. Kim apprises EJ and Nicole that the new growth in Johnny's eye appears to be aggressive. Shaken, EJ consents to immediate testing. Johnny asks to see Sami, and EJ agrees to tell her what's happened. EJ and Nicole arrive at the loft, and Sami thinks they've come to flaunt their impending wedding. She's pleased when she hears it's been postponed â€" only to be devastated by their news about Johnny's other eye. Everyone goes to the hospital and learns that the growth is indeed cancerous. Surgery is scheduled immediately. Sami asks if her son is going to die.

Daniel chooses not to incriminate Carly at her disciplinary hearing, and Lexie dismisses all charges. Kayla is irate, and Carly is grateful. Daniel explains that he is still furious with Carly, but hopes she will redeem herself as she ministers to her patients. Later, she has her first chance as she is the only doctor with the necessary training to assist Dr. Kim and Daniel in operating on Johnny. Read More...


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