Recap Days of Our Lives: 01/13/2010

Sami and EJ learn that Johnny's remaining eye must be operated on to remove the new cancer. At first Sami is in denial, but with the help of Rafe, EJ and the doctors, she comes to terms with it. If the surgery is not successful, the doctors will have to take his eye. If the cancer has spread, he might lose his life. Sami, EJ, Rafe, Nicole and family hope for the best. When Johnny is wheeled into surgery, Sami collapses into EJ's arms.

Jane's boss turns out to be Stefano â€" he's the big boss behind the organ racket. He is not happy with Bo and Hope's involvement, but urges Jane to use Bo to find Hope. Meanwhile, Hope hacks back into Jane's computer and is detected. Bo stonewalls with Jane when she demands to know Hope's location. Later, Lee brings Jane some truth serum to use on Bo and hacker Hope finds a surprise on her computer. Read More...


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