Recap Days of Our Lives: 01/14/2010

Johnny goes into surgery, and Sami worries EJ will shut her out again post-op. EJ goes to the chapel to cut a deal with God: Johnny's eyesight for EJ letting Sami back into the kids' lives. Sami overhears, and asks EJ if he means it. EJ promises to keep his word. Rafe and Nicole are surprised when they see Sami and EJ praying together. Johnny comes out of surgery and has not lost his other eye. The cancer is gone, but the verdict is out on whether he'll be able to see or not. EJ and Sami are at Johnny's side when he's out of recovery. Rafe wonders to Nicole what that means for her, and Nicole worries.

Melanie is conflicted over her pregnancy and is looking at abortion clinic printouts when Stephanie arrives to confront her over never letting Nathan go. Stephanie blames Melanie for all the problems that have ensued. The women go at it, and Melanie tries to leave, but Stephanie pulls her back and the abortion printouts fall out of Melanie's purse. To cover, Melanie yanks Stephanie to the door. Stephanie pushes her away, and a pregnant Melanie falls. Read More...


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