Recap Days of Our Lives: 01/19/2010

All rejoice over Johnny's sight being saved. Sami insists to Rafe that EJ will keep his word and share custody with her. Meanwhile, EJ tells Stefano he does intend to keep his promise â€" but Rafe was not part of the deal. EJ feels that Rafe must be removed from Sami and the children's lives â€" but murder is not an option. Stefano has an idea. Meanwhile, Nicole fears her own position is now threatened and Chloe urges her to go to Brady, insisting he still loves her and might find a way to save her. But Brady rebuffs her and Nicole has gone from having both him and Sydney in her life to now possibly having no one. 

Melanie tells Maggie she is pregnant with Philip's child. Maggie is supportive, but also makes it clear she can only guide her own fate, not that of her father's and Chloe's. Meanwhile, Chloe makes a desperate attempt to use the physical attraction she and Daniel share to seduce him at his most vulnerable. Daniel angrily throws her out and Chloe realizes she has made things worse and lost him for good. Melanie tells Daniel that she is having Philip's kid and Daniel accepts his daughter. Read More...


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