Recap All My Children: Mon, December 27, 2010

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for DATG

At Casa Slater Kendall looks at the Christmas presents that Zach left behind, especially hers that has the tag, "To My Wife." She falls asleep and dreams of being in the dark until she opens a door to let in the light. (How symbolic!) Kendall wakes up to hear the doorbell ringing. It's Erica and Jackson ready to celebrate Christmas with Kendall and the boys! Kendall greets them happily. She tells them she is ready to have a real Christmas and needs a tree! Erica and Jackson are happy to hear that and call Bianca for help. Bianca arrives, admitting she thought Erica's urgent call was bad news. She is relieved to see Kendall hopeful again and reflects when she was pregnant with Miranda on Christmas and had no where to go. She remembers meeting Father Clarence and how he helped her. He was truly an angel! Later Kendall opens the boys' gifts from Zach: a stuffed tiger for Ian (Zach had told him that there is a magical tiger that watches over him) and a Red Wings cap for Spike. For Kendall, a journal full of Zach's thoughts. Kendall is so moved that she isn't bothered when her family leaves. Eagerly she sits down to read Zach's journal, but falls asleep in front of the fire. When she hears a knock on the door, she wakes up to find Father Clarence on her doorstep.  Read More...


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