Recap All My Children: Mon, January 10, 2011

Credit: JPI Studios

Ryan and Greenlee arrive to find Kendall venting about hospital food. She is thrilled when they surprise her with take-out from Golden Chopsticks. Kendall is so moved—and hungry--that she tells them she loves them. Soon Kendall and Greenlee are bickering over the Mu-shu pork and Ryan has to play peacemaker yet again. Some things never change, huh? Ryan puts a damper on the playful mood by bringing up Zach's will. He asks Kendall to review it and he will have it executed when Kendall is ready. Greenlee goes to get dessert as Ryan and Kendall talk about Madison and how great she is. 

Scott enters the prison common area to hear Madison ask to see her dad, but gets denied. He hands her a tissue and they recognize each other. Is she okay? When Madison explains she needs to see her dad, Scott says he's seen her dad around. Madison confesses that her dad used to beat her and vents that all she wants is to ask if her trust fund is in place. Scott is charming as he sympathizes with Madison; he knows how it feels to come from a controlling family.  Read More...


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