Recap All My Children: Tue, January 11, 2011

Credit: JPI Studios

In the prison visiting room Greenlee knows Scott needs a job for parole. She offers him a job at the hospital on one condition: He needs to romance Madison. Scott narrows his eyes at Greenlee. What's to stop him from taking this to Ryan? Greenlee reminds Scott that they make a great team and tells him he has one hour to decide. She waves her phone at him. Hope to hear from you! 

Madison sees Ryan with Zach's lawyer in the hospital and overhears Ryan float his theory that Zach could've been murdered by his former partners who were upset at the sale of the casinos. The lawyer warns Ryan to be careful and leaves. Madison approaches Ryan; is it true that Zach was murdered? Ryan clarifies that it's just a theory. He asks Madison to sit on this until he can prove it. Madison assures him that she can keep a secret and by the way, she is staying in town. Ryan is happy to hear that; what changed her mind? Madison admits it was her friends like Frankie and Randi. Plus Kendall offered her a job. Ryan thinks that is great; Madison is so good with Spike and Ian. She will be a great mom someday! Madison blinks back her tears and tells Ryan not to say that. Ryan wonders why Madison always seems to be crying when he sees her. Madison covers, saying it's allergies. Greenlee joins them, not pleased to see Madison with Ryan. She plasters a smile on her face when Madison informs her that she will be working for Kendall out of Casa Slater. Madison gets a text from Kendall and excuses herself. Ryan asks Greenlee if she finished all her errands. Greenlee lies, saying her problem is not solved yet, but it will be. She returns to the prison where she confronts Scott. Why didn't he take her deal? Scott says that he likes Madison and he wants to do this his way. Read More...


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