Recap All My Children: Wed, January 12, 2011

Credit: JPI Studios

Amanda is none too happy to find Cara standing over Trevor's pack-n-play with Jake staring at them. She quickly rushes to Trevor and hands him his blankie. Cara explains she needs to return to her hotel room to get the rest of her stuff. Amanda curtly asks Cara if they need to call her a cab. Cara explains she has rented a car and reminds them that as soon as she gets her papers, she is gone. Later she returns to her yacht club room to pick up a few things where she is hit with another memory of her and Jake in Sudan: their eagerness of having a baby and then their disappointment when they learned Cara was not pregnant. 

Annie walks into the Chandler mansion just in time to hear JR on the phone. He books two first class tickets and orders his assistant not to tell Annie. Unbeknownst to Annie JR wants to surprise her with a romantic trip, but Annie lets her paranoia get the best of her when JR refuses to answer her questions about his phone call. Upset Annie calls Amanda for a venting session at ConFusion where Amanda urges Annie to get a grip. She advises Annie to learn to trust JR and heads home to Jake. Meanwhile Marissa meets with JR at ConFusion to sign their divorce papers. It's a bittersweet moment for the ex's as Marissa admits she did love JR once. JR nods and says Marissa is an amazing woman. They wish each other well, looking like old friends. When Annie sees them, she mistakes their easiness for rekindled romance. She can't stop fantasizing about Marissa waiting for JR in a sexy negligee. Afraid to lose JR Annie follows Marissa to the mansion where Marissa returns JR's copy of the divorce papers (she had picked one up by accident) and leaves him a note. Annie is now in full blown panic mode. She opens the door to confront Marissa, not realizing that Marissa is right behind the door. Marissa gets knocked in the face and falls to the ground unconscious like a lead weight as Annie gasps. Read More...


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