'Friday Night Lights' - 'Swerve': Is this the little girl I carried?

'Friday Night Lights' - 'Swerve': Is this the little girl I carried?

A review of tonight's "Friday Night Lights" coming up just as soon as rhinestones make me look trashy... 

"I don't know that girl in there." -EricThe two main plots in "Swerve" spin out of previous storylines I haven't loved: Julie's affair with her sleazy married TA, and Vince's life of crime in season four. But where I still find the Kennard stuff problematic, the Julie plot finally began to work when it became much less about Julie's mistake than about Eric and Tami's reaction to it. 

Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton were their usual fantastic selves - stories where Coach and Mrs. Coach are worried about Coach Jr. tend to bring out the best in both performers - and what I particularly liked about this story was the progression of it. Julie tries her stupid plan with the car crash, then confesses to Tami, and at first Tami is in the supportive, concerned mother mode. And then it dawns on Eric that Julie crashed the car on purpose, and things begin to spiral, particularly once Julie tries to use the slapping incident as an excuse for running away from a college experience she wasn't enjoying in the first place. Though Eric and Tami have their flaws, they have always been about personal responsibility first and foremost, and to realize that this is what their daughter has grown up to be shook them to the core - to the point where Eric walked out on one practice and then nearly missed the start of a game. That is not something that our Coach does, but that's how bad this is. It was startling how much more relaxed and happy Eric seemed when he showed up in the locker room and heard Billy's speech calling for the opponents' blood - even though Eric hasn't been crazy about the renegade style of play that the Lions have begun to adopt, the football field is still the one part of his life that makes sense(*), and the idea of delivering some pain to others probably sounds appealing to him at that moment.  Read More...



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