'Supernatural' season finale recap: Oh, God.

I don't think I've had so much trouble writing a Supernatural recap ever. The problem? Well, despite there being two hours of material to cover, the final moment twist and where we left the brothers is so uncertain, it's hard to put this season into context.

That's not to say that season finales need to wrap everything into a neat little bow -- in fact, some of Supernatural's best season finales left the Winchesters' world strewn about. But even those finales left us with major questions. ("Who will survive the car crash?" "How will Sam get Dean out of Hell?" "What does the end of the world look like?") This year, I don't have anything specific to ask. Simply, I'm wondering: Now what? That sort of bugs me. Castiel is God. Ellipses. Question mark. But while I have my qualms with the final note, the (two hour) journey we took to get here was pretty darn good. Read More...



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