Pleasantly Surprised

Back in 83' V was the first real Sci Fi show built in the modern TV era that I had seen. I was impressed by the special effects and the plot which were movie-quality at the time.

I was skeptical that proper justice would be done to original concept and plot, Many networks have failed miserably at this sort of thing, but I think ABC has re imagined a winner here.

The characters are properly fleshed out, the special effects lack the gaudiness I have come to expect in a lot of modern Sci Fi shows -which always takes away from the plot- and most importantly they skipped out on a lot of background initially and leak it back in extremely well done flashbacks and storyline switchbacks.

I am excited to watch the rest of this series and I am hoping ABC doesn't screw it up as they have before with some would-be excellent fantasy/Sci Fi drama hybrids.

In particular Elizabeth Mitchell and Morris Chestnut are portraying their characters excellently.

Happy Watching!

~Joe MAck


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