'The Office' Recap: 'Search Commitee'

Well, there you have it.  The new boss on ‘The Office’ is…. Just kidding.  No idea.

I didn’t expect we’d find out, and I guess I was right.  Still, it can be a little maddening to have such a hyped finale with no payoff.  Although, the guest stars sure were interesting.

After Dwight’s disastrous stint as acting manager, and Creed’s delusional antics, it’s clear to Jo a search committee must be formed to find the right boss. More on that in a minute.

But first, Creed.  Oh man, does he live up to his title of Creepy Old Man.  He has an imaginary valet, calls meetings to an empty room with phantom workers (Ted, Elroy), schemes to steal customers to start a paper company of his own and falls for Pam’s terrible impressions of clients.

The search committee of Toby, Jim and Gabe is awkward, but not as awkward as the candidates parading through the office.  Let’s take them one by one, including internal candidates:

-Will Arnett.  Lesson for this guy: Don’t say you have a plan to double sales if you don’t.  I would enjoy him on this show, but he’s already landed a show for next fall, so he’s out.

-Warren Buffet.  Obviously a joke and kind of a lame cameo, but it did provide an amusing line: "Can you do any better on salary?" Read More...



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