'The Celebrity Apprentice' season finale recap: Clash of the Titans

Hey, guys. I'm going to "do something a little different" this time. And by "do something a little different" I mean do the exact same thing I do each and every week — break down the most amazing show in the history of television,The Celebrity Apprentice. Think I'm adding a tad of hyperbole by affixing such a label to a silly reality show? Nonsense! When in Rome, do as the Romans do. And when in Trump land, do as Trump does, which means shouting out absurd declarations as facts and ignoring any and all evidence to the contrary. You know, declarations such as "I delivered the most entertaining cast of stars ever!" And my personal favorite to Marlee Matlin: "You won the Academy Award. And you're an even bigger star now!" Really, she's a bigger star for appearing on your show than she was for winning the most prestigious award in all of Hollywood? You know what, Donald? That's totally and utterly…CORRECT! BecauseCelebrity Apprentice is, after all, the most amazing show in the history of television!!! And it can be even more amazing if they follow my casting suggestions for next season. Read More...



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