The Chemistry Is Perfect!

I have to say that I was quite skeptical when I first saw the promotion of True Blood. In one instant I was excited, because I have been an avid Buffy fan and miss the vampire on TV; but, skeptical because I was afraid that the show might not measure up to my expectations. I was so wrong! I would like to just say that HBO has done a wonderful job in promoting the series, as well as producing it. It started with the wonderful “Mockumentary’s� and fake news broadcasts which created a whole new reality surrounding the show.

Whoever thought up the idea of creating this alternate reality surrounding the show is a genius. Something that makes this show sow wonderful is how Sookie and Bill have such an on-screen chemistry. It is both frustrating and fulfilling at the same time. You can cut the tension with a knife. The show True Blood is so much more than vampires and humans living together. It speaks on so many pertinent issues that we in the human race are facing. The vampires seem to represent all minorities that struggle to gain equal rights. And like most minorities, they are greatly underestimated.

I have fallen in love with this series, and look forward reading your responses and Reviews of the next episode.


Default avatar cat
Sep 29, 2008 1:08AM EDT

wow, a whole episode without sex scenes, the whole improved itself. Bill shows some dangerous sight of his personnality, I mean he did not need to be that offensive with the police officer, since he can kind of control him.He was freaky!How come Sookie has not realised that her ability is a threat to her life and keep on sharing people thought?I loved tonight episode, giving back some humanity to Jason was a good thing, and Tara's help was courageous!Ans Sookie as an investigator is quite funny but what about Sam? He was weird by the end of the episode!!!PS : the lady at the bar was the one in the wood in the first pilot! why?

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Sep 29, 2008 1:50AM EDT

that is because sam is not human, he is a shapeshifter (if you read the books you will understand wath i mean)...and keep an eye on erik because he is an important character.sorry for my english i live in argentina

Default avatar cat
Sep 29, 2008 9:46AM EDT

That's cool that Sam is a shape-shifter... I thought he might be a werewolf maybe. In some native american legends, the werewolf is a shape-shifter so maybe i'm still right... either way the show is awesome. I too was skeptical of this series from the start. I wasn't sure if it could live up to the hype, but after watching the first episode I have been in love with the show ever since. I love the characters and acting and the plot is awesome and always keeps you guessing. I like the way they film the show.. it kind of has a "Grindhouse" look to it... gritty.. and it really give the show and eerie tone that just makes it that much better. Every week they reveal a new piece of the puzzle (or puzzles) and it just gets more and more interesting with so many plots and sub-plots going on... i just hope they can bring it all together and not leave any questions unanswered, but so far I think they're on the right path... Probably the best vampire series I've seen since Buffy and I'm glad there's finally one that's good again.

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Sep 29, 2008 10:12AM EDT

well the difference between a shape-shifter and a werewolf is that sam can change into any animal he wants and a werewolf not, sorry for the spoilers... i know all this because i reed all the books of charlaine harris for this series is basen on...

Default avatar cat
Sep 29, 2008 6:51PM EDT

...but Sookie is seen kissing Sam on episode 5 trailer!

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