The Killing Review: "Undertow"

One of the great things about The Killing is the show's ability to move at a pace that doesn't rush either the story or the police work.

The crime isn't solved in an hour, judges won't sign off on warrants every time, evidence can be largely circumstantial, and the amount of procedural roadblocks are extremely frustrating. Sure, whipping off a pair of sunglasses and remarking something clever is fun, but it lacks the realistic nature of solving a crime. If anything, it's not about glitz and glam.

To top it off, the noir-ish tone set to dreary rain and fog that reflects the characters own feelings of discontent and struggle, add an extra layer of depth to the intriguing show. There's far more complexity to the murder of Rosie Larsen as there is to the characters involved. Read More...


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