FAMILY GUY “It’s A Trap!” Review

FAMILY GUY "It’s A Trap!" Season 9 Episode 18 – Seth McFarlane’s third (and hopefully last) foray into the Star Wars spoofs marked the one hour, ninth season finale. It began with a disclaimer asking audiences to please lower their expectations because this episode is going to be crap. But thisepisode was not crap. In fact, I kind of enjoyed it, even if it did seem like a tacked on addition to the earlier two Star Wars spoofs.

I know Family Guy does not use the medium of television for storytelling like, say, the earlier years ofThe Simpsons. It’s a show of gags first, plot second. But I like Family GuyFamily Guy has been on since 1999, so clearly the best years are behind them, but it still manages to make me laugh every now and again. Read More...


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