LAW AND ORDER: CI “The Last Street in Manhattan” Review

LAW AND ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT "The Last Street In Manhattan" Season 10 Episode 4 – Perhaps it’s because I’ve just gone through a marathon of the first two seasons of Mad Men, but any time I see a guy in an expensive suit acting suave I’m immediately reminded of Don Draper. This comparison is of course unwarranted: the victim in this week’s Criminal Intent worked in investments on Wall Street, not in an ad agency on Madison Avenue. But this week Criminal Intent went into the future world of Mad Men- of course it was Law and Order style, not Mad Men style, but the vibe was still there: rich people with too much money for their own good, getting themselves into an assortment of unsavoury business.

The victim of the week was such a guy; a guy with too much money who wants perfection out of his women, so he hires a firm to give him a catalogue of the finest and smartest women in Manhattan. His date with a model genius goes awry when a past flame shows up at the restaurant, but things take a serious turn for the worst when he is gunned down in the street. A bullet to the chest can really kill a date. Bah-dum-bum! Apollo theatre, here I come! Read More...


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