BOB’S BURGERS “Torpedo” Review

BOB’S BURGERS "Torpedo" Episode 13 – I’ll admit, I’m not a huge fan of actual baseball, but I absolutely love baseball themed movies and TV, so tonight’s episode of Bob’s Burgers was totally a home run in my book. This finale brought the season full circle, putting Gene back into the burger suit and standing outside of Bob’s Burgers making fart noises with his bullhorn. This time, Bob is shutting down the restaurant to take his family to a local Minor League baseball game. Truth be told, Bob isn’t doing it to spend quality time off with his family, but to get a glimpse of his advertising dollars at work.

It was great seeing how the kids all reacted differently to their first time at a baseball game. Much to Bob’s dismay, they had little interest in the actual sport but since there’s never a dull moment with these kids, they quickly found other things to be excited about. Tina was immediately fascinated by all the butt touching and Louise takes it upon herself to convince Tina that it’s "the braille of baseball." I totally identified with Gene as he slumped in the stands and grumbled about being bored during the long game and I laughed out loud when the mascot race came on and he exclaimed "where has this sport been all my life?" There’s something at the stadium to entertain every one of the Belchers, even if Bob is the only one with any interest in the actual game. Read More...


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