THE BORGIAS “Nobody” Review

THE BORGIAS "Nobody" Season 1 Episode 9 – And so ends season 1 of The Borgias, Showtime’s second foray into historical drama (after an admirable if languid stab with The Tudors). This time the second romp into a world of Catholicism, sex and murder was unfortunately timed, airing alongside acluster of similarly themed shows (and when I say a cluster, I mean of course Starz’s Camelot and HBO’s Game of Thrones.) While The Borgias is equal, if occasionally better, than the former, I can’t say its better by much. I wasn’t aching for the next week’s episode each time I finished with the latest, and no plot point or character had any emotional impact on me.

For me, the problem was with the characters. I just did not care. Sure, week to week there were some I was beginning to latch on to, but then they transmogrified into someone else entirely episode to episode, even scene to scene: Cesare was supposed to be this resentful but unendingly loyal son, yet the show randomly threw him into a moral dilemma or they turned him into a cunning, calculating man capable of selfish murder. Read More...


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