GAME OF THRONES “A Golden Crown” Review

GAME OF THRONES "A Golden Crown" Season 1 Episode 6 – It was real gold all right, but not a real crown. Kingship is a major theme running throughout the series: what makes a king, a ruler of men? Superior arms, like Robert Baratheon? A deep purse, like the Lannisters? Nobility, like the Starks? Blood right, like the Targaryens? Out of the aforementioned four families, only the Starks (our protagonists) show no desire for the throne.

Robert has himself preoccupied trying to keep his seat: settling scores between the warring Starks and Lannisters (all in a morning’s work), before confirming his intent to assassinate the young heiress of the Targaryens dynasty. Last week’s emotional nakedness between Robert and Cersei was much too good to last, but this week Robert’s gruff demeanour was once again scraped aside for a brief moment of honesty between himself and the brother he always wanted, Ned Stark. Mark Addy is doing such a wonderful job as the king. I did not dislike him when he slapped his wife, and I had to smirk when he offered to smack her again. It’s not that the situation was funny, but Robert is sort of funny in an overblown and tragic way. He’s a guy who finds himself in a seat of power, knowing that he can do anything, have anything he likes, but he’s a guy who doesn’t know what the hell to do. He ends up, as we saw quite clearly, treading water uselessly. He’s almost completely given up on trying to grapple with the present, and instead drowns himself in alcohol and relives the past. Read More...


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