DOCTOR WHO “The Rebel Flesh” Review

DOCTOR WHO "The Rebel Flesh" Season 6, Episode 5 – Last week, the TARDIS in her flesh form grappled with a word so difficult to understand that she couldn’t form it until the end of the episode. The word was "alive" and once again, this week’s episode of Doctor Who asks the viewer to consider how we define life.

When fully programmable matter – nicknamed "The Flesh" – develops a completely autonomous consciousness, The Doctor argues that this unintentional and extraordinary creation of a new life form is to be treated with a sort of rational reverence. For the most part, The Doctor believes that all creatures should be given an opportunity to live freely and peacefully somewhere in the universe. The humans, overwhelmed by fear and panic, think it’s best to destroy the abomination, their "Gangers," and pretend the accident never happened. Read More...


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