CAMELOT “Igraine” Review

CAMELOT "Igraine" Season 1 Episode 8 – I want to start this out by saying thatt Clarie Forlani did an AMAZING job in this week’s episode of CAMELOT. We spent most of our time in Camelot followingMorgan’s day as she used her powers to fool everyone into thinking she was Queen Igraine.

The nuances that Forlani brought to Igraine this episode were perfect. The opening scene whenMorgan/Igraine was sitting in front of her mirror practicing her "Good Morning" was spot on. While it was Igraine, there were still traces of Morgan behind the face. Kudos, Clair Folani.

So what else happened in this episode other than Morgan tricking everyone (including Merlin) inCamelot into thinking she was Igraine? Not a whole lot. We did learn that a certian tattooed servent in castle Pendragon is not as faithful to Morgan as she’d have us think. Read More...


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