'House' season finale: Crash into me


Season finale time on "House" the past couple years has meant a big development in the relationship between House and Cuddy. The Season 7 ender "Moving On" sure qualifies in that regard.That's not to say it was a good development, though. In fact, it left a pretty bad taste for us.Obviously "Moving On" was filmed before the show and Lisa Edelstein failed to come to terms on a new contract and she left the series. Which means, unless something can be worked out for her to return as a guest star, our last image of Lisa Cuddy will be of her standing in the house that House just drove a car through and telling the cops that if House so much as comes near her again, she wants him arrested. Say what you will about the way the Huddy romance was handled. The character deserves better than that. Instead, when House returns from his tropical...



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