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Recap: 'The Event' Finale - 'Arrival'

Recap: 'The Event' Finale - 'Arrival'

While I was not a fan of the pilot, it nonetheless generated a lot of excitement among viewers, and it seemed to promise that something ‘big’ was on its way. Personally, I didn’t appreciate the promise, because I did not find the episode itself compelling on its own. But I still wanted to see that promise fulfilled. Somehow I was cheering for something decent to shine through during the finale, for some sign of the path the show was meant to follow. The fact that “Arrival” reuses the pilot’s imagery is appropriate, in that the fulfilment of the show’s promise is nothing more than another promise. We’re given a glimpse of something ‘cool,’ after which I surmise we were to wait some more, hoping that something interesting would come of this latest promise. Only now there’s no more waiting to be had, and “The Event” must stand as it is, which, sadly, is a failure on almost every level.

The actual plot of the episode is so frustratingly dull and executed in such a rote manner it comes across as a distraction or an afterthought that the writers had to begrudgingly settle. Read More...


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