The Chicago Code 1.13 'Mike Royko's Revenge' Review

The show set up plenty of dominoes over the season, and in another display of its trademark efficiency, starts knocking them down within minutes. We learn that Liam/Chris isn't dead yet (just missing a spleen), Lieutenant Kelly is finally getting arrested for being a tool, and both Elizabeth Killian and not-so-innocent secretary Lily have been found. Things would be looking up for our heroes, if Alderman Gibbons wasn't on TV calling for Teresa's resignation, and privately trying to convince Jarek that Hugh Killian is the man who murdered his brother. You can't say this show skimped on delivery.

The heart of the episode is bringing the fight against Gibbons to a head, if not a definitive end. Given that at the time this finale was written, the show was still very much in contention for a second season, I wondered if things would be definitively concluded or left hanging. Imagine my surprise when the episode delivered the moment we'd been waiting for all season long - seeing Teresa and Jarek publicly arrest Gibbons. It was a stand up and cheer moment that was definitely worth the wait. Yet unlike a few other finales I've seen this season, achieving the show's main objective didn't throw The Chicago Codeinto disarray. Instead, the journey to finally get there opened up other stories that could've been told...not to mention that, as well as we know Ronin Gibbons by now, it wouldn't have been at all implausible to see him still be a relevant figure in season two. Read More...


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