'House': Are You Kidding Me?

Last year after "Help Me," I jumped off the couch and started screaming and running around my house forcing one of my roommates to re-watch the last five minutes with me. The year before that, I sat, glued to the couch, tears running down my cheeks, fully moved by House's plight and Cameron and Chase's walk down the aisle. This year, my jaw dropped, my eyes widened and I screamed at my television, "Are you kidding me?" Don't forget to insert the most convenient expletive.

Finally, the moment I've been waiting for since "Bombshells" has arrived. House and Cuddy have a real conversation! And House admitted he was hurt! Gasp! Is this the kind of groundbreaking writing that's supposed to make me ache for next season? Because I had low expectations for this finale, and most of them were met and exceeded. "Moving On" is just as literal as it sounds. Cuddy's moving on -- right off the show in fact. House is moving on, to Hawaii, and with the Losties apparently. And of course, our Patient of the Week is making choices that will impact the rest of her life as well. Stick a fork in this finale: it was over before it even started. And what's so incredibly frustrating is that this show is capable of so much more than it's producing. More on that later. First up, our Patient of the Week. Read More...



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