The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Fashion Emergency

It’s Halloween time, and the show opens at Jacqueline’s house, where all the non-Gorgas have gathered for the annual carving of the pumpkins. Baby Audriana has another fascinator on, this one with black netting, making her look like the world’s littlest widow. Gia haphazardly stabs at her pumpkin, and it’s really too bad her parents aren’t getting along with the other side of the family because her knife-savvy cousin Joseph could do some terrific mentoring here.

Out on the terrace, Teresa’s recounting the Christening debacle for the ladies, while Joe, in the kitchen, rants about his brother-in-law, the "fidget." This seems to be Joe referring to the other Joe’s stature, and if that’s the case: those who live in glass pizza parlors, Giudice, those who live in glass pizza parlors ... And then suddenly it’s as if a studio executive dropped a note about how he needs a ticking clock in this thing — "Remember turn-of-the-century film and the wonderful tension of a woman on the railroad tracks," he scribbles — because out of nowhere, Caroline is suddenly enunciating that there is a Posche fashion show "coming up in two days!" and what are they going to do, because Teresa and Melissa are both walking the runway? It doesn’t seem to occur to any of the women that Teresa could just sit this one out. I mean, this is Posche, the local strip-mall boutique with dresses that make vajazzling redundant, it's not Karl Lagerfeld’s final resort collection. Read More...


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